- Preferred communication is via email at 
- When requesting a logo or an artwork, please, be sure to send me an email with detailed description of Your vision. I will also need You to send me some information about Your band, project or book that You request the design for. 
- No voice messages, no calls, I need all Your requests and comission details written down so I can get back to it anytime during the creating process. 

- Everything is payable via PayPal only. 
- Half up front as a non refundable deposit, half when the artwork is done.
- The final payment must be sent within one week after the logo/artwork is completed. 
- The logo/atwork files are distributed digitally within one day after the final payment is received. 

- You must describe the intended use of requested artwork in your inquiry.
- By purchasing an artwork you get permission to use it with no time limits for the intended use described in your inquiry. 
- You are NOT allowed to alter or change any aspect of the artwork. No colour alterations, no contrast adjustments and definitely no changes in the artwork itself.

- I will need to know everything about your vision and everything about your band/project/book to be able to come up with the final price. 
- Once I receive the info, we will discuss it and You will receive my price proposal. 
- I will start working on the sketch for You when I receive the 50% downpayment (non-refundable).
- Once the sketch is done, I will contact You to discuss it with You. 
- When the sketch is agreed, I will start working on the final design. 
- When the artwork is done, I will send small preview Your way. Once the final payment is received, I will send the hq files within one day to your email. 



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