Obsidian Monolith

The branch experiment drawing is done and I am extremely happy with the result! The drawing has been created for Liam Mcgeorge from UK band Rosaceae and his new black metal project. Whole drawing is done by the branches and inks only. I really enjoyed the whole process. Honestly I didnt even know what I am about to do when I started with the drawing and I was glad to discover how drawing friendly the branches are. They dont keep so much ink at once as normal pens, but that's also the reason that they dont make blots and also offers much more possibilities with creating the structures and soft shading. Great experience! I am sure that this is not the last drawing I did with the branches.

Liams music from his band Rosaceae: 

Draugsól band: 


Timelapse video from creative process on painting for upcoming Ep of Auric, progressive sludge from USA. 

Druadan Forest

Timelapse video from creative process on Druadan Forest painting. Cover art painting is for Druadan Forests upcoming full-length album which will be released via Werewolf Records.


Discover the whole creating process
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